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Who is Julia Keller?

 Tuesday Sessions 2017 20:00 ONLINE

• Week 1 Jan 17: Before you can begin to look for love, you need to find that ideal love inside yourself. This workshop begins with helping you become the best version of you in week 1 and loving yourself better.

•Week 2 Jan 31: is about helping your ideal love story come about by understanding what and who you want in it and how to help him to better see you and recognise that you're the one for him.

•Week 3 Feb 7: is about getting you out there to actually meet that ideal man.

•Week 4: Q&A Session to answer any questions you may still have

But that's not all! Sign up today and claim 5 other amazing bonuses

1. Love Blueprint Call even before you commence the program to start you off on the right track.

2. Love Strategy Call with me at the end of the program to make sure that you have all in place to claim that ideal love when it comes within your reach.

3. Love Strategy Call with me at the end of the program to make sure that you have all in place to claim that ideal love when it comes within your reach going forward

4. Unlocking Your Irresistibility workshop run earlier this year that helped women to Unleash that Irresistible Woman within that will get you well on your way to becoming truly irresistible. (only for the first 5 who sign up).

5. Entry to our exclusive Facebook Groupd for members of the Attract Authentic Love program where you can ask questions and interact with others who are going through or have gone through the Attract Authentic Love program.


A Bit About The Workshop

The majority of the men that I interviewed for my "Honest Conversations With Quality Men" series (on YouTube and my blog) mentioned being attracted to women who loved themselves first and who came across with a positive energy and active lifestyle where they felt wanted but not desperately needed. That came up as qualities even more important than looks, as most men seemed to prefer different types of women. That means that your ideal love is out there and just within your grasp. You just need to understand how to better attract that authentic love that you're after.

If you're single and looking for love, it's easy to get discouraged in a sea of too many choices and a seemingly endless "something better around the corner". You might feel like you're competing in a game you can't win, but I'm here to show you that you already have what it takes to be amazing and to be seen by the men that you really want. Finding love begins first with loving yourself. That means being true and kind to yourself and only being with someone who loves you in the way that you deserve to be loved. Knowing what you want and who you want to share your life with is step 2, as well as how to help him to see you better, even among many others wanting to be seen. After all, there is no one out there quite like you (for better or for worse)! Step 3 is getting out there to actually meet him. Because love doesn't happen without connection, you must step out of your comfort zone and get out there!

Learn to become the woman that you've always wanted to be: the woman who captivates men (especially one amazing man) and who is truly secure in her ability to be loved and to have a life she adores with a love life that fulfills her and makes her smile and feel wonderful. This workshop will be in the format of a live call that will commence with 45 minutes of advice and tips and will finish with 30 minutes of your love questions answered followed by a brief visualisation. The call will be recorded with the recording sent to you, so you can listen again. Here's some of what you will learn in this workshop:

1. How to love yourself better and be the best version of who you are already.

2. How to feel more empowered as a woman by only allowing those who truly deserve you to be with you.

3. How to unleash that ideal vision of that ideal love story that you wish to be living by figuring out what you want, who you want, and how to help him see you better.

4. How to create better relationships in your life by valuing yourself better and expecting those who are in your life to treat you with value.

5. How to get out there and actually meet that ideal man (including creating that noticeable app and online profile and how to enter a room already attracting) that you want to share your life with, and how to keep yourself positive throughout the occasionally difficult love journey and occasional love failures. How to keep at it until you reach that love success that you deserve.


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